Friday, November 29, 2013

Home Again

It is interesting to look back on a trip and think about the highlights.  There were so many, it is impossible to decide on favorites. Of course the back drop that made this trip so enjoyable was our fabulous Program Director, Filipa, and the great weather. Based on our two week visit, I believe Spain is a country where I could live. The climate, cleanliness, great condition of the buildings, history, friendliness and patience of the locals, and general geography of the country all contribute to its attributes. 

We saw and did so much.  Each city and town had something unique that made it stand out.  Besides all our tours, some of my favorite days were the ones where Bonnie and I ventured off on our own… Montserrat while we were in Barcelona, spending the day exploring Madrid, walking along the shores of the Mediterranean in Torremolinos. 

Below is the slideshow of our adventures. Enjoy the music as you watch a 20 minute pictorial summary of our trip.

Our November, 2013 trip to the Iberian Peninsula

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