Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 13 ~ Torremolinos

Bonnie and I were so tired, we decided not to go on the optional trip to Tangier today.  We slept in and made it down to our champagne brunch around 10:20.  When I saw a fellow traveler that made the same decision, she said that she felt like she was taking her first day of vacation. I have loved all of our sights and activities, but we were both so glad to have a more relaxing day.  After breakfast, we headed out for a long walk on a pedestrian path along the waterfront which was lined with restaurants, shops and hotels.  When we finally reached the harbor, we found it to be surround by very interesting looking apartments that had a Gaudi look about them.


As we leisurely walked back to our hotel, we had this beautiful view of Costa del Sol .


Between the expanse of sandy beaches there are several breaks with grass and palm trees.


Here’s a local cat taking advantage of the water dripping from a beach shower.


After about four hours, we arrived back at our hotel to this gorgeous view from our room.


We joined Ruth and Liisa for an enjoyable dinner when they returned from their day long excursion.  Tomorrow is another big day, but both Bonnie and I feel rested and ready to tackle a tour of Malaga.

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